Where To Buy Dermatend

Where To Buy Dermatend – FAQ

Dermatend is well known mole, wart and skin tag remover. This is all natural product and requires just few applications. Dermatend delivers excellent results to get rid of skin imperfections in a matter of days.

Can I Buy Dermatend in Stores?

Dermatend is not sold in stores and you can buy this product only on Internet. The best place to buy Dermatend is the official site of Solace International Inc.

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What is Better – To Buy Dermatend from Amazon or from Dermatend Official Site?

You can purchase Dermatend from both places – Amazon and Dermatend official site. The prices for the products are the same, but there are certain advantages when you buy Dermatend from its official site. First of all in Dermatend site you will get larger variety of products and, most importantly, you can get all the guarantees (60 day money back guarantee) directly from the seller.

Where To Buy Dermatend If I Live Outside US – in Australia, Canada, UK, Malaysia, Singapore or Other Places?

Because Dermatend is sold exclusively on internet, you can buy it anywhere in the world from computer that has internet access. Dermatend is shipped worldwide and there are no restrictions to the country it is delivered.

Are Mail Orders Accepted?

Yes, you can print out mail order form at the Dermatend site, fill it and mail to Solace International in USA. You can pay for your order with check. See the FAQ section at the Dermatend official site.

Coupon Code for Dermatend?

Normally there are no coupon codes available apart from the regular sale prices at the Dermatend Official Site. Currently there is limited time special offer of free jar of Quick Healing Balm with any extra strength Dermatend purchase.


There is 100 % and 60 day money back guarantee at the Dermatend official site

Dermatend is the best alternative to surgery to be free of moles, skin tags and warts.

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