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Does Dermatend Work to Remove a Skin Tag, Warts and Moles? – A Review

dermatend e1311205799220 Does Dermatend WorkDermatend is one of the all time best sellers to treat skin tags, warts and moles. It is all natural product that is made from plant based ingredients. It is produced by the American company Solace International, Inc.

For majority of people Dermatend provides excellent results in removing warts, skin tags and moles.

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Comments from people who used Dermatend:

 For me, Dermatend worked [to remove moles]….. it felt a little itchy and uncomfortable the first couple days of treatment, but then a scab formed and it was fine. One scab fell off yesterday..there’s just a small red mark, like a flat mosquito bite. I’m pleasantly surprised.. no trace of the mole is left at all.  -  User comment from 2008
Dermatend has done a pretty good job of removing my moles…. really amazing how well this works. User on May, 2007 – User comment from ebay forums, 2007  
.. It’s [Dermatend] working exactly like the instructions say it would. It does take a bit of patience and maintenance. But it’s well worth the effort. - User comment from ebay forums, 2007  

Does it works for all types of skin tags, warts and moles?

Yes, Dermatend is used for removal of all types of moles, warts, and skin tags, including flat, as well as raised moles.

Is the process painful?

No, the process is completely painless. There is no need for a numbing cream or anything like that. You might feel a slightly itchy when you put Dermatend on the spot, but is just a minor sensation.

Does Dermatend Work and How Long Does it Take See Results? 

Dermatend works very quickly for some people. It is quite common that people are able to remove skin tags or moles in as little as 3 days. For others it takes longer and be prepared to use Dermatend for few weeks or month. Everybody’s immune systems and skin problems are different. On average, total healing should be expected in around there weeks.

Here is an example of typical Dermatend mole removal, but is essentially the same process for skin tags and warts. For skin tags and warts healing time may vary, but it is expected that Dermatend work even faster on small skin tags.

  • Days 1 to 3.  After applying Dermatend on the mole it will form a scab.
  • Days 3-10.  This is a healing time for the scab. It has to dry up completely and fall off. Be sure not to remove a scab before it is completely dry.
  • 10 days and more. The scab should eventually be gone leaving fresh skin. In time the skin will leave no trace of mole ( or skin tag or wart).

Dermatend ingredients

bloodroot 150x150 Does Dermatend WorkSanguinaria Canadensis ( bloodroot).  Vegetable Glycerin, Distilled Water, Butter of Zinc.

Bloodroot is well known plant that has been used by Native Americans to treat many medical conditions. Its root juice has been historically used to reduce tumors, especially skin conditions (polyps, fungal growths warts and like).

Anything to be aware of?

First of all, several users advise not to apply Dermadent on the healthy skin surrounding a skin tag, wart or mole. There are some ingredients that may cause unnecessary redness on healthy skin area.

Also, it is advisable to stay clear of eyes. You can still apply Dermatend around eye, but be sure to use a band aid to the skin growth to prevent the substance getting into eyes.

Because Dermatend is safe even for children to use as well as it has only natural ingredients, there is no concern about its toxicity.

Does Dermatend Cause Any Scaring?

Dermatend minimizes the risk of scaring because its natural ingredients work in harmony with your body’s processes. The risk of scaring is far less from using Dermatend as from any of surgical procedures. Follow instructions on Dermatend and the process should be natural without leaving any scars.

Dermatend – Any Guarantees?

Dermatend offers 60 day money back guarantee if the product does not provide desired results. Company states it has 97% success rate and is confident of effectiveness of its product.

Where to Buy Dermatend?

dermatend e1311205799220 Does Dermatend WorkYou can buy Dermatend only on Internet. The best place to buy Dermatend is at the official site (Solace International). Dermatend is shipped worldwide. When buying from the official site you are ensured that all guarantees are met.

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