Best Mole Removal

Best Mole Removal Options

Moles can be removed in several ways, and each procedure has certain advantages and disadvantages. Here is a list of the best mole removal options in terms of price, possibility of scarring and overall effectiveness.

Cryosurgery Mole Removal

Cryosurgery procedure is gaining its popularity over the recent years. Cryosurgery involves injecting liquid nitrogen to the mole causing the cells within the mole to freeze.  Mole is destroyed as cells break up due to the freezing temperature and cutting off the blood supply. Sometimes, depending on the size of the mole, the liquid nitrogen is sprayed on top of the mole. After the procedure, it may take 2 to 3 days, before certain puffiness and reddens around the mole disappears.  Usually, the area of the mole will be healed in two weeks, when the remains of the dead mole cells will be easily scrubbed off.

The main advantages of this mole removal procedure are there is no cutting involved. Compared to mole excision procedure, when mole is cut off and then skin is stitched, cryosurgery is non-invasive method and as result there is much less risk for the scarring to occur. It is also relatively simple and painless procedure. Also, cryosurgery costs much less that mole cutting procedure, and depending on the doctor, the cost is around several hundred dollars per procedure. Overall, cryosurgery can be considered among the best medical mole removal procedures.

Laser Mole Removal

This is the most advanced method of mole removal. During the laser mole removal procedure the laser beam is applied to the mole causing it to evaporate. It may take several days before the redness will disappear.

Laser mole removal is probably the best option to remove moles on the face. Laser beam allows high precision to target the mole without damaging healthy cells around it. As a result, scaring is much less likely to occur.

The disadvantage so this procedure is its higher price, compared to other mole removal procedures. Also, laser procedure is not suitable for deeper mole removal.

Home Mole Removal

Many people choose home based mole removal option mainly because it is much cheaper than any medical procedure. Many home mole removal methods have been used over the centuries with considerable success.

Among the best mole removal remedies are apple cider vinegar, baking soda, castor oil or tea tree oil. It usually takes one to several weeks of repetitive application of the remedy before the mole dries out to be later scrubbed off.  The main disadvantage of the home based mole removal is the time it takes to completely get rid of the mole.  Having said that, it is still worth trying these home based mole removal options before going for the medical treatment, mainly because, it is much cheaper option and has less risk of scarring due to the natural approach.

The Best Mole Removal Option – Mole Removal Cream

What about combining the best of the both worlds – the effectiveness of the medical mole removal treatments with safety and natural approach of the home based mole treatments?

The answer is mole removal cream. This is probably the best mole removal option in terms of effectiveness, safety and price.  There are mole removal creams available that are as effective as medical treatments and contain only natural ingredients. The biggest advantages of the mole removal cream are:

  • non invasive,
  • remove moles fast,
  • do not cost a lot of money.

Among the best mole removal creams that has received the highest ratings from it users is Dermatend. It is 100% natural product that removes moles (as well as skin tags and warts) in three days.

You can find out more about the Dermatend from the official website and by clicking on the link below.

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