How To Remove a Skin Tag

What is a Skin Tag and What Causes It?

skin tag1 150x150 How To Remove a Skin TagSkin tags are bits of skin or flesh-colored tissue that project from the surrounding skin from a tiny, narrow stalk. Some people call these growths “skin tabs” or barnacles. Medical term for skin tags is acrochordon. Skin tags consist of blood vessels and collagen that have become trapped and have been forced into forming this blemish.

Are skin tags dangerous? The good news is that skin tags  are generally benign and not dangerous. Skin tags typically will not develop into cancerous growths. People usually decide removing a skin tag for aesthetic or cosmetic reasons.

How to Remove a Skin Tag at Home

Is it possible to remove a skin tag yourself? The answer is yes, you can do it. There are several ways how one can remove a skin tag at home:

nail polish 150x150 How To Remove a Skin TagOne way to remove a skin tag is with nail polish. Cover a skin tag with the polish and reapply at least two times per day. As fingernail polish starts to dry out, skin tag begins to dry. Repeat the procedure for few days. Once a skin tag seems completely dry, just chop it off. Make sure to apply some anti-inflammatory substance or cream to avoid infection.

dental floss 150x150 How To Remove a Skin TagIt is also possible to remove a skin tag using dental floss or any strong string. Tie dental floss tightly around the base of a skin tag. Leave it there for a couple of days. As blood supply to skin tag is blocked, it will gradually dry out. In few days skin tag will become just a hanging dry skin chunk and then you can easily cut it off with the pair of scissors or nail clippers.

scissors 150x150 How To Remove a Skin Tag

Remove a skin tag with nail clippers or scissors. This method is good for those who do not want to wait for days and want to remove a skin tag fast. use clean and sanitized scissors or clippers and chop skin tag off at its very base. Immediately apply some disinfection to prevent infection. You may encounter some bleeding, but it should stop shortly. This is essentially the same method doctor’s apply, they just use surgical instruments.

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